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Review by Soil Chronicles

For all french-kissers, here is another great review! 🤘🤘 8.5/10 🤩 – Check it out! http://soilchronicles.fr/chroniques/publicgrave-cadaverousresurrection Public Grave – Cadaverous ResurrectionLe 11 avril 2019 posté… Read More »Review by Soil Chronicles

Review by Metalforce

Another very good Review! 😱Check it out 🤘 https://www.metalforce.it/recensioni/public-grave-lesercito-della-notte-si-mette-in-marcia-045606 Thx @metalforce.it PUBLIC GRAVE – “Cadaverous Resurrection”• (2019, RTM Records) • Alla fine anche i Public Grave ce l’hanno fatta. Dopo… Read More »Review by Metalforce

Review by Thedanized

We have another 9 out of 10 review! Thanks to @Thedanized! 🤘 🤘 Check it out!👉https://www.facebook.com/261028294064282/posts/1171361849697584/ Near Munich in the smaller, bavarian town called Fürstenfeldbruck… Read More »Review by Thedanized

Review by WorshipMetal.com

We got an other review! Thanks to @worshipmetalUK! 🤘 🤘 Check it out!👉http://www.worshipmetal.com/reviews/public-grave-cadaverous-resurrection-album-review/ Initially inspired by Kataklysm and Six Feet Under – and probably an… Read More »Review by WorshipMetal.com

Review by raben-report.de

Here’s the first Review for our Album “Cadaverous Resurrection”!🤘🤘 🤘 Thx to raben-report.de and blizzard for the kind words.👉https://www.raben-report.de/2019/01/09/public-grave-cadaverous-resurrection/ A 9 out of 10 – here the… Read More »Review by raben-report.de