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Social Distancing Show - Munich Backstage

Social Distancing Show - Munich Backstage

Together with Knaat, Amplified Memory and Bloodline!
Due to COVID19 there are only online Tickets available.
Beachtet, aufgrund COVID19 gibt es nur online Tickets und KEINE Abendkasse!
Reitknechtstr. 6, 80639 München




100% Polyester – inlay white Vlies

washable at 60°C
one size fits all – about 20 x 14 cm
for the rubber loops for attachment to the ears 6 cm

About Us

Founded in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich; Germany) in 2008, the members of Public Grave went from a group of friends, brought together by their favorite music genre, to the only slamming and grooving death metal band in town. In the past ten years Public Grave got in touch with many underground metal bands so that their connections lead them to several gigs all over south Germany.

Initially inspired by Kataklysm and Six feet Under and the fascination for all kind of undead, guts and gore, Public Grave‘s music aligns to death metal axioms. In the last three years Public Grave tried to fill the gap between death metal and slam and gave their album Cadaverous Resurrection some spice. Their neck breaking groove is like a hammer smashing through a billion bodies and their monstrous sound growls with a high-pressure bass which shakes you to the core.

“Cadaverous Resurrection is a concept album about the current state of our society.” Korny states. “The social sickness makes us mad and we want to get rid of apple-polishers acting without thinking.” The lyrics contain the actions with which one wishes to cause harm to those who live with disturbing degradations of some fundamental values. Maggot Infested Limb Removal and Cranium Crush Fest show the anger even in their titles. By gross exaggeration Public Grave created an absurdly brutal album with apocalyptic scenarios and zombies symbolizing our current state of society. After releasing Exhumed Corpses Undead Forces, the first single of the album, fans and befriended musicians replied “Take me from behind by force, that song got balls!” and that they surpassed themselves again in devastating brutality.

Public Grave consists of four musicians, all involved in songwriting. Korny plays the blood-thirsty bass and Chris body-slamming riffs on his guitar. Beni unleashes the ramming rhythms for Hamby’s demonic beast-like vocals. All together they create a devastating wall of sound one can’t escape.

Band Members

Public Grave 2019
Hamby - Vocals
Hamby - Vocals
Beni - Drums
Beni - Drums
Korny - Bass
Korny - Bass
Chris - Guitar
Chris - Guitar

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    Article in Süddeutsche Zeitung

    In Ecuador sind sie für ihr Album ausgezeichnet worden, in Fürstenfeldbruck sind sie daheim. Die Mitglieder von “Public Grave” spielen Death Metal mit einem unverwechselbarem Sound

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    “Cadaverous Resurrection” es un disco que toma elementos del Death Metal de la vieja escuela y los enriquece con características del Slam e incluso con cierto regusto a Deathcore, por lo que estamos ante un trabajo que aúna notablemente la vieja escuela con la nueva. Los riffs que nos encontraremos son realmente variados, siendo estos machacones, pesados y sobre todo destilan una atmósfera sucia y putrefacta. No encontraremos grandes alardes técnicos, pero si algo destaca en este sentido, ese es el bajo, el cual tiene varios instantes de protagonismo a la hora de realizar algunos pasajes en solitario. Tampoco estamos ante un álbum con grandes o memorables melodías, pero tampoco lo necesita, porque esto es un trabajo de Metal Extremo directo a la yugular, aunque si que echo en falta algún que otro solo de guitarra que te vuele la cabeza.

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