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Helloween Carnage 2023

31.10.2023 @ 18:00 23:59

This will get SIIICK!!!

Brutal Sphincter
Public Grave
Haunted Cemetery


Are you ready for the total destruction? Stillbirth is coming like a tsunami and will smash your ears after a few seconds. Nasty Blastbeats, heavy grooves and sick slams combined with the stageenergy of 10 raging Bulls. Get your beachshorts on because it’s surftime. With a blunt in the Hand through the storm. Total madness is awaiting you.
Stillbirth from Hagen / Germany was founded in 1999 by former Guitarist Lukas Swiaczny and plays a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore. In 2002 Stillbirth released it’s first CD “Happy Stillbirth Party”. After personal changes and a break between 2003 and 2005, Stillbirth came back and participated with a new Lineup and crushing songs on the split CD’s “Supreme Brutal Legions 3” (Vrykoblast Recs / Singapore) and “Soldiers of Death” (Deathstar Recs. / USA) With “Plakative Agressionen” their second long play record was released in 2009 (Rotten Roll Rex / Germany).
That year Stillbirth also conquered the stages of Eastern Europe for the first time. For the next 2 years the Band spent time touring and promoting the record until they released the 3rd album “Endgame is Near” (Deafground Recs./ Germany) in 2011.
In 2015 Stillbirth released their 4rth album “Global Error” (Rising Nemesis Records). After the release of “Global Error” Stillbirth went on Full USA Tour. Two months later Stillbirth entered the stages on a full Europe Tour.
A milestone was done, while Stillbirth signed a contract with “Unique Leader Records” from USA. The 5th Album “Annihilation of Mankind” from 2018 was the next step in the Stillbirth History and the first Album released via Unique Leader Records.
One year later the band released it’s album “Back to the stoned Age” which was a mix of the best old songs but completly new recorded, mixed and mastered. Back to the stoned age was a selfrelease in cooperation with Rotten Roll Rex from Germany.
With Revive the Throne Stillbirth wanted to continue climbing the ladder of Brutal Death Metal. Even more brutal, even faster and even nastier. Revive the Throne blasts from front to back like a machine gun.
In 2021 Stillbirth has released the EP “Strain of Gods” and thus the last album with the label Unique Leader Records. Strain of Gods has combined many elements of hard music, showing a slightly different side of the band.
In 2022 Stillbirth announced the cooperation with Distortion Music Group and the next album is planned for 2023.

Brutal Sphincter


Public Grave

Founded in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich; Germany) in 2008, the members of Public Grave went from a group of friends, brought together by their favorite music genre, to the only slamming and grooving death metal band in town. In the past ten years Public Grave got in touch with many underground metal bands so that their connections lead them to several gigs all over south Germany.
Initially inspired by Kataklysm and Six feet Under and the fascination for all kind of undead, guts and gore, Public Grave‘s music aligns to death metal axioms. In the last three years Public Grave tried to fill the gap between death metal and slam and gave their album Cadaverous Resurrection some spice. Their neck breaking groove is like a hammer smashing through a billion bodies and their monstrous sound growls with a high-pressure bass which shakes you to the core.
“Cadaverous Resurrection is a concept album about the current state of our society.” Korny states. “The social sickness makes us mad and we want to get rid of apple-polishers acting without thinking.” The lyrics contain the actions with which one wishes to cause harm to those who live with disturbing degradations of some fundamental values. Maggot Infested Limb Removal and Cranium Crush Fest show the anger even in their titles. By gross exaggeration Public Grave created an absurdly brutal album with apocalyptic scenarios and zombies symbolizing our current state of society. After releasing Exhumed Corpses Undead Forces, the first single of the album, fans and befriended musicians replied “Take me from behind by force, that song got balls!” and that they surpassed themselves again in devastating brutality.
Public Grave consists of four musicians, all involved in songwriting. Korny plays the blood-thirsty bass and Chris body-slamming riffs on his guitar. Beni unleashes the ramming rhythms for Hamby’s demonic beast-like vocals. All together they create a devastating wall of sound one can’t escape

Haunted Cemetery


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